About Rifer

At Rifer we have a passion for decoration and design!

The idea of our business is very simple: help the client to create art in fabrics.

Since the beginning of 1968, we have been growing continuously. Today our partners are spread inside and outside Europe and we are always opening new markets.

We have a wide range of fabrics – very much inspired by the minimalist and classic style – and we continually widen our range to offer the latest trends in decoration and design. Here you will always find something for your business.

50 Years of History
To weave an incomparable experience

It was along with numerous events, more than 50 years ago, that a partnership between two families and the textile area originated the company we are today. The activity started with home weaving on hand looms and, in 1968, a company was created in the residence of one of the partners.

And that is how Rifer was born!

This passion and experience for textiles was passed on to the following generations. Today, and after some developments, the company belongs to the 2nd generation of the Fernandes family.


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