How we do


The creative concept is to materialize your idea

Our design department is able to analyze, develop and create your idea. The designers are always on the lookout to market trends, including colours and textures, combining innovation, creativity and textile skills.

We are able to offer an exclusive and personalized service. If you have the idea, but don’t know how to achieve it or what the result will be, our team will help you at this early stage.

  • 1 CAD/CAM for dobby fabrics with 3D simulation
  • 1 CAD/CAM for jacquard fabrics with 3D simulation
  • 1 digital printing software, compatible with Photoshop


We produce your ideas with enthusiasm

The quality of our fabrics comes from the careful preparation of raw materials and follow-up of all stages of the process. We produce fabrics with great technical complexity, combining technological innovation with our know-how in the textile sector. The principle of our weaving is to provide a reliable and flexible response to your requirements.

  • More than 2 000 000 m2 of fabric produced per year
  • 12 colour sample warp
  • Narrow and wide dobby looms
  • Wide width jacquard looms with 1- and 3-meters reporting capacity

Our raw materials

Cotton (conventional, organic and recycled) | Linen | Silk | Others

Cotton blends with:
Linen | Cashmere | Silk | Viscose | Polyester | Modal | Tencel | Others


We turn your ideas into more value

At Rifer we place special emphasis on this step and are proud to count it as one of our key strengths. Our processing standard is carried out under the supervision of qualified professionals, ensuring the high performance of fabrics at the level of comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

We give the fabric finishes in terms of colour, touch, shine and appearance. We are equipped with machines that allow a lower bathing ratio, ensuring greater economic and environmental sustainability.

  • Support from the chemical laboratory in the creation and correction of solid colours
  • Preparation area: desizing, washing, bleaching, mercerization and discoloration
  • Dyeing for narrow and wide width fabrics, with minimum quantities of 500 meters
  • Finishing services: waterproof, fireproof, water-repellent, pre-shrinking, antibacterial, crease-resistant, easy-care and finishes with essences, among others

Digital Printing with Pigment

We bring your ideas to life through rapid and sustainable development

The fabric is pre-treated before printing to get excellent light fastness properties and colour performance.

Digital printing with pigments offers faster processing times and much higher environmental attributes because it does not require steaming and subsequent washing. It does not require the consumption of water and chemicals, and therefore, the treatment of effluents is lower.

  • Digital printing up to 320cm wide
  • There are no limitations of colour, design or rapport
  • Minimum quantities of 300 meters

Quality Control

Your satisfaction is the best feedback we can get

We are proud to act in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, with the aim of continuously improving the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Tests are carried out on all fabrics throughout the production chain to ensure functionality and maximum product quality. Our fabrics are submitted to inspection and control processes, and if applicable, correction. 90% of the tests are carried out in our laboratories. We work with extremely demanding specifications, according to strict quality standards.

Supported by our production integration, team work and management systems we are able to obtain information in real time, allowing the optimization of operations and transport.

Fabric construction, tensile strength, pilling, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, color evaluation, color fastness, light fastness, water fastness, rubbing fastness.

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