Rifer, Environment
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Rifer’s management and environmental performance are a decisive factor in environmental protection.

The challenge faced by the textile industry today, regarding the implementation of good practices for monitoring, controlling and minimizing environmental impacts resulting from activities throughout the value chain, leads not only to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, but also to greater accountability and awareness towards sustainability.

In this way, our demand for certified and sustainable products is reinforced, consolidating our commitment to environmental protection and our ties with stakeholders and society in general.

The production of energy, through photovoltaic panels that use sunlight as a resource, is a renewable and widely available raw material. The process of transformation of sunlight into energy does not generate solid waste or air, water or soil pollution and is therefore environmentally preferable to other non-renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources

Our Certificates

Our Certificates

Premium Fabrics Made in Portugal

At Rifer we give importance to the most demanding and premium quality textile fabrics, the result of a continuous commitment to our clients’ needs. The monitoring of the main trends together with the excellence and certification of raw materials make Rifer a company focused on the design and production of premium textiles for the home and furnishing, apparel, childcare and hospitality sectors.


We are a GOTS certified company and we are careful to select partner suppliers of certified and compliant raw materials. We guarantee the organic status of the fabrics, from the harvesting of the raw materials to the finished product, through a responsible manufacturing, environmentally and socially.

The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trade and distribution of all fabrics with at least 70% certified organic natural fibers.


Being an OEKO-TEX class I certified manufacturer means adopting ecologically correct processes in our company, in addition to passing rigorous tests, attesting to the absence of harmful substances in our products.

We guarantee their safety through compliance with REACH, which aims to ensure a higher level of protection for human health and the environment.

We are proud in working with members of Better Cotton Initiave – BCI.


We are a SUPIMA certified company that guarantees the premium quality of cotton, in relation to the useful life of the product, resistance, softness, shine and colour retention.

We produce in a conscious and sustainable way.

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