Digital Printing

Innovation with Pigments

For you, who care about sustainability and delivery timings, this is the perfect technology to give colour and life to your business. Indicated for the interior and exterior, the digital printing with pigments offers an excellent light fastness to our fabrics. If you are also passionate about intense colours and gradients, here you will find fabrics from ultralight satins for bed linen, to heavy canvas for beach chairs and decorative pillows. Set up your business with the right style.

You can print practically any fabric. Printing on our digital provides you with more freedom in the creation of collections, since the quantity of colours and possibility of details is infinite. There is no limitation of colours, design or rapport. And all this, with a soft touch and an almost zero impact on the environment, not only because of the absence of water and effluents, but also because there is no need for steaming and subsequent washing of the fabric – unlike what happens in printing with reactive.







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