Children are very important, and that is why Rifer gives them due attention. From an early age, we have certified with Oeko-Tex Class I and made several laboratory tests available, attesting to the quality of the product.

We have fabrics for small and big children, from piques, seersuckers, vichys and plumetys to flower, geometric and animal prints that will inspire your business. Enrich it to encourage children’s fantasy and play. We show suggestions for loving mixes of fabrics for a warm, playful and beautiful environment. We have fabrics for bedding, decorative pillows, blankets, curtains, baby nest and accessories. Free the fantasy in your business!

Children’s interests change as they grow – we are prepared to follow you at every stage, whether in colour, pattern or texture. For those who care about children’s well-being, these are the ideal fabrics for your business.

We are thinking about you.
We´ll be back soon with some beautiful things…


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